In the Theatre Documentation Department in the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, several databases are being created:

  • Personal Database includes information about 75,000 people (actors, dancers, singers, directors, choreographers, set designers, composers etc.) connected with Polish drama, puppet, musical and alternative theatre:
  • Performance Database contains information about stagings of all kinds of plays on all theatre stages in Poland, mainly after 1944. It consists of over 50,000 records. Each record contains detailed data: the date and venue of the premiere, the names of all the creators (from directors to assistants) and the full cast. The  base is still being expanded and completed with digitalised documentation materials, such as a poster and/or playbill in the form of an image, scans of photographs, fragments of films, a theatre programme in PDF format, and reviews transformed into a text file:
  • Multimedia Database catalogue includes over 2,000 recordings of performances and other film materials connected with the theatre that are in the collection of the Multimedia Library of the Institute: