The Theatre Institute Bratislava

The Theatre Institute Bratislava, established in 1961, is a cutting-edge European institution funded by the Slovak Ministry of Culture. It provides comprehensive theatre-related information services to Slovak and international public. Our priority is documentation – acquisitions, processing, protection, and public accessibility of collections and funds.

We also provide services related to the status of the Theatre Institute as the Specialised Public Archive and Theatre Institute Museum. The services are rendered by the Department of Documentation, Informatisation and Digitalisation. The Theatre Research Centre that opened within the Institute in 2007 is our R&D umbrella.

In addition to being information source, we also serve as presentation agent. We thus provide of comprehensive pubic information about the activities within the Institute, about theatres and a range of theatre-related events in Slovakia and abroad. We also gather statistical data about theatre in Slovakia and engage in cultural policy analyses.

Alone or in coproduction we convene cultural and learning events, making the most of our multimedia venue of Studio 12. This also includes the festival Nová dráma/New Drama, along with the competitions DRAMA and Dramatically Young for the best stage text in Slovak or Czech languages. Extensive publishing represents yet another pathway within the Institute.

Our research focuses on Slovak theatre from 1920 that marked the onset of professional theatre in Slovakia, until today. Our research spans from individual projects to collaborative ventures at home and internationally.

We convene, again alone or in partnership, specialist symposia, seminars and conferences, and other events presenting research output dedicated to Slovak theatre. Our extensive international network of contacts and membership organisations, which we have joined, significantly boosts our expertise. Theatre Institute is member of ITI, ENICPA, IETM, SIBMAS, ICOM.


Theatre Institute Bratislava