Dear members and guests of ENICPA,

We cordially invite you to the annual round table meeting of the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts. The Art and Theatre Institute in Prague will be our host. The meeting will take place on 21-22 October 2019.

Once a year ENICPA’s members exchange information about their work. They present current projects, report on their work and the situation in their institutions. What are the current movements in the performing arts? What remarkable artistic projects are there in your own country? What are cultural-political developments that affect the arts and information centres? Which EU-projects do the institutions participate in?

In addition to the general presentations, there is usually a thematic focus. This year—not only as regards to the Fridays for Future movement—we put sustainability on the agenda.

How do the information centres deal with this issue? How do the artists act?

Already in 2011, Julie’s Bicycle published the Green Mobility Guide with essential recommendations for climate-conscious and sustainable action in the performing arts.

How much of this has become part of our practice?

What remains only beautiful thoughts on paper?

We want to discuss what role we are playing in this issue with urgent need for action.

As in 2018 in Warsaw, we are setting a major focus with an international conference. Once again, on the conference THEATRE AND FREEDOM: Paradigm Shift(s) in the Independent Theatre Culture in Europe after 1989 we are asking — together with the Arts and Theatre Institute — about the changes in theatre landscapes. International experts will be our guests.

The ENICPA round table meeting and the conference aim to give members and guests new impulses for their work, facilitate exchange of experience and new contacts. Off the beaten track and in dialogue with colleagues, own projects can be reflected upon. And it is not unusual that cooperation and joint projects between institutions develop.

The round table meeting and the international conference are the heart of the network and provide a trustworthy basis for communication throughout the year. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

If your institution works in the field of information and documentation of the performing arts, you are most welcome to be our guest.

Roughly 20 theatre institutes and dance information centres all over Europe are members of the ENICPA network. It is growing and open for new members!

Attached you find the complete programme. Kindly register by 05 October 2019 with the following Google doc: and send us the title and brief description of your presentations by 05 October 2019.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

On behalf of the ENICPA Board,

Michael Freundt
President, ENICPA

See also: Round Table Meeting programme and other information