THE OTHER EYE Germany versus Norway: interchanging theatrical strategies

Germany and Norway are countries with a long common history on many levels. If we look at these two countries’ history and traditions of theatre: What are the interactions, the common fields and differences? What are the roles of the director, actor and playwright in the aesthetically process? How does the education systems affect the practice and the intellectual discourse? And how do the roles and responsibilities of the critics, theatre workers and media concerning public debate on theatre differ in these countries?

Through a series of four seminars the relationship between German and Norwegian contemporary theatre has been analysed. The seminars offered an opportunity for a number of Norwegian and German theatre practitioners and scholars to delve deeper into this intercultural contemporary theatre discourse, taking place at four different locations and featuring a range of collaborators. This book is a collection of essays highlighting the project’s main topics through the themes: Director’s theatre, methods for acting, education and discourse.

Contributors: Heiner Goebbels, Thomas Irmer, Therese Bjørneboe, Tore Vagn Lid, Christel Weiler, Siren Leirvåg, Ragnhild Gjefsen, Fredrik Hannestad, Anne Holtan.

Editors: Elisabeth Leinslie and Anette Therese Pettersen

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