Photo: CDAEA/Fernando Alda

Photo: CIRAE/Fernando Alda

The “Centro de investigación y recursos de las artes escénicas de Andalucía” has been created with the clear objective of offering a public service in the area of the performing arts in Andalusia. Our main role is to investigate, collect, organise, analyse and distribute information and documentation related to theatre and dance in our region, and providing our services not only in Andalusia but also elsewhere.

It is also an important aim of our institution to maintain a historical continuity with the past: recovering and preserving our documentary heritage as well as keeping the current scene in the performing arts up-to-date.

The centre has became not only an important meeting place for professionals and researchers in the field, but also for the promotion of the performing arts to the public – in general by making our information sources available through internet and the use of new communication technology.

The centre regularly hosts professional workshops and cultural activities to promote the performing arts of our region.

The Documentation Centre of Performing Arts in Andalusia (Centro de Documentación de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía) integrates the following sections:

  • Specialised library that includes books, newspapers, journals…
  • Audio-visual area
  • Archive/Documentation section
  • Research/Publishing section

The Research and resource Centre for the Performing arts in Andalusia (Centro de investigación y recursos de las artes escénicas de Andalucía) is an organisation founded in 1991, being dependant and fully subsidised by the regional government of Andalusia (Regional ministry of Culture – Consejería de Cultura).

Centro de investigación y recursos de las artes escénicas de Andalucia (CIRAE) / Research and resource Centre for the Performing arts in Andalusia

Calle Santa Lucía, 10
41003 Seville
Tel: +34 955 928 850
Fax: +34 955 928 860


Dolores Vargas-Zúñiga
Tel: +34 955 928 854

Catalina González

Tel: +34 955 928 854

  1. Digitalization: there are inevitable questions about where libraries and centres of documentation stand in relation to current technological developments. There is a difficult balance to be established between the demand of being forward-looking by being an early adopter of new technology and the implementation of initiatives which are truly relevant and sustainable.
  2. Publication: one of our aims is to increase knowledge, understanding, and the study of the history of the Performing Arts in Andalusia. And this has been made possible by collecting and making available a wide range of documents that allow to reconstruct the past and present of performing arts in order to preserve our scenic heritage.
  3. Promotion: It is not enough to just acquire, process, and house the collections – we need to promote their use as well. We are the point of reference for all professionals working in the field of the Andalusian performing arts and this is a status we want to maintain by providing quality services and up-to-date information.
  4. Collaboration: developing cooperative relationships with leading research institutions to support information content and the needs of the broader cultural community.
  5. Research: one of the vertebral axes of our centre.The CIRAE focuses on its own projects, but also on projects in collaboration with other institutions,  and gives support to sector and researchers’ projects through the collaboration in research grants and residences, publication of the results, space for research. Some of the lines of research are:
    • Independant theatre in Andalusia
    • Andalusian playwriters (ADA)
    • La Cuadra de Sevilla
    • recovery of old funds
    • voices of the scene
    • Andalusian contemporary circus
    • 20th century theatre in Andalusia