A big table in the middle of a light room, on the walls high shelves with DVDs and VHs. A huge modern chandelier on the ceiling.
Media library of the ITI Germany, Photo: Henrike Hannemann.

ITI Germany

ITI Germany promotes mutual understanding of the freedom of artistic expression and the preservation and development of the cultural diversity of the performing arts. In cooperation with more than 90 ITI centres worldwide and with further cultural actors its range of tasks extends to information services, artists’ consulting and organization of discussion formats.

Its Media Library for Dance and Theatre (MTT) is one of the most extensive publicly accessible audiovisual documentation centres for the performing arts in Germany. MTT is an open space for discussion on artistic, cultural-political and technological developments in dance and theatre. With its digital platforms and digital projects the media library offers profound insights into artistic and cultural developments in the performing arts in detailed descriptions and thematically organised visual materials.


International Theatre Institute – German Centre (ITI)
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin, GER

Dr. Thomas Engel, Director of ITI
E-Mail: th.engel@iti-germany.de

Christine Henniger, Head of Media Library for Dance and Theatre
E-Mail: c.henniger@iti-germany.de