Finnish Dance in Focus

September 24th, 2021 by
Finnish Dance in Focus

Artists, phenomena, and ideas on the Finnish dance scene.
Magazine published once a year by Dance Info Finland, since 1999. In English, print & online.

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Polish Theatre Journal

October 16th, 2017 by
Polish Theatre Journal

Polish Theatre Journal (PTJ) is an online Polish-English academic magazine examining contemporary Polish theatre and performance, published twice a year by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw and The Department of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.

Latest issues:

  • Reclamations: The Avant-garde, Solidarity and the Collectives 02 (2018)
  • A new landscape with a rainbow. Change now! Conference Proceedings 1-2(7-8) 2019

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Commedia dell’Arte and New Technologies

March 19th, 2015 by
Commedia dell’Arte and New Technologies

The first DVD realized in 2005 by SAT association and IALS with some of the recorded interviews by to prove that today Commedia dell’Arte is still living and there is a keen interest around his practices. The DVD is composed by three sections:

  • A brief presentation of one of the more actual use of Commedia dell’Arte: a multiuser virtual game, no more online, builded following the Commedia dell’Arte techniques to permit users to improvise on a virtual stage. If you want more information on it go to Commedia Game.
  • In the second section the Mask is presented, from the construction to the opinions of the actors that work with it.
  • In the third section the improvisation technique is analized tryng to understand his importance and if it is still used in the Commedia dell’Arte today performance.
  • The last section is dedicated at the actuality of Commedia dell’Arte, questioning if it is possible to adapt it to the modern situation, what should be done to protect, to promote and to valorize his tradition.

The DVD has english subtitles.


August 27th, 2013 by

As part of its mission to promote Czech arts abroad, the Arts and Theatre Institute published a series of guides to Czech dance, theatre, music, literature and contemporary art. Each guide offers a brief historical background to its given field, information on current projects, portraits of top artists, important figures and arts bodies in the field, an extensive up-to-date directory of artists, institutions, schools, organisations and companies and other useful information on the current Czech arts scene.

In each guide you’ll find:

  • a short history of the field
  • information on current events and highlights
  • a directory of people, institutions, schools, organisations, and artistic bodies
  • events and festivals
  • awards
  • additional useful information and links

Czech Dance Guide
Jana Návratová (editor)
The Czech Dance Guide presents profiles of Czech dance companies, personalities, venues, schools and other subjects who operate in the field of contemporary and classical dance. The publication also contains a short historical overview of Czech professional dance.

Czech Theatre Guide
Martina Černá (editor)
This English-language guide to the Czech theatre is a handbook that provides clear and easy orientation in the goings on in Czech theatre. The publication is divided into two parts. The introductory texts offer a brief excursion into the contexts of individual areas of theatre life (funding, the theatre network, festivals, historical context, etc.), the second part contains a directory of Czech theatres, theatre organisations, festivals, venues, schools, periodicals and publishers. The publication is intended for both professionals and lay people with an interest in Czech theatre.

Czech Music Guide
Lenka Dohnalová (editor)
The Czech Music Guide presents an up-to-date panorama of Czech music life with a short historical overview for everyone with an interest, whether layperson or professional, in understanding Czech music culture and its milieu. Contents: About the Czech Republic, A Short History of Music, Contemporary Music Life, Current Culture Policy, Music Institutions, The Music Education System, Archives, Science and Research Centres, Journals, Information Centres, Regional Panorama, Links.

Czech Literature Guide
Viktor Debnár (editor)
The Czech Literature Guide presents a panorama of the contemporary life of Czech literature with a short historical overview. It is designed for anyone with an interest, whether layperson or professional, in Czech literary culture and its milieu.

Czech Contemporary Art Guide 
Lucie Ševčíková, Eva Žáková (eds.)

Printed versions of the guides can be purchased from the e-shop of the Arts and Theatre Institute

Electronic versions of the guides can be downloaded here: