Digitising the Performance Library of Iceland (2021-)

August 21st, 2021 by

Starting in 2021: Digitalisation of Performance Recordings from Iceland

Although Icelandic theatre performances have been recorded using various techniques from the mid-20th century, as of 2021 very few of them have been digitised or made available, either to researchers or the public. In 2020 The National Theatre of Iceland donated its performance library to the National and University Library of Iceland, which the Theatre Museum is a part of. This collection not only includes entire productions, in audio and video formats, but also original music and soundscapes. The Theatre Museum of Iceland is in the process of digitising, cataloguing, and consolidating this collection. Included in this project is to make the process of sharing and archiving productions cross institutions more streamlined in the future. This work is essential to build an overview of the country’s theatre history and a priceless resource for our users.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance

August 21st, 2021 by

Ice Hot Nordic Dance – promoting the visibility of Nordic dance abroad!

ICE HOT Nordic Dance is a collaboration network that promotes the visibility of Nordic dance abroad, and aims to increase working opportunities and touring of Nordic dance artists. A longer term aim is to strengthen and develop the Nordic dance field and its structures in a more sustainable direction.

This is done by organising platform events that present Nordic dance and choreography for the international dance community. The platforms serve also to promote the development of Nordic dance and choreography, to facilitate networking opportunities and increase professional capacities of Nordic dance artists.

Ice Hot platforms attract a large number of professionals from all continents. The first Ice Hot Platform was arranged in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010, as a pilot project, and then in Helsinki, Finland in 2012, in Oslo, Norway in 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016 and in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2018. The Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 starts a new cycle of platforms touring all Nordic countries.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance partner organizations come from all five Nordic countries: Dance Info Finland, Dansehallerne (Denmark), Dansens Hus Oslo (Norway), Dansens Hus Stockholm (Sweden) and Ice Hot Reykjavik (Iceland).

More information: https://www.icehotnordicdance.com/

Digital Leap (2021-2023)

August 21st, 2021 by

Digital Leap – deepening the understanding of digital environments in the performing arts

Digital Leap is an international two-year project that offers dance and circus professionals learning opportunities for deepening their understanding of digital environments and their possibilities in the performing arts.

Digital Leap consists of four self-contained five-day training modules, the first one starting in spring 2022. The modules are held in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Catalunya and France. Participants are chosen through open calls for professionals in the partner countries.

The ideas and knowhow emerged in the training modules will be accessible for all and published in the form of digital lookbooks and videos. Seminars for the local performing arts professionals will be organised in each participating country in spring 2023.

Digital Leap is a collaboration between eight expert organisations from seven European countries: ARTCENA (FR), Arts and Theatre Institute (CZ), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Dance Info Finland (FI), Danscentrum Sverige (SE), Institut Ramon Llull IRL (ES), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LT) and Performing Arts Hub Norway (NO). Dance Info Finland coordinates the project.

Digital Leap has received funding of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

More information: https://www.danceinfo.fi/en/projects/digital-leap-capacity-building-for-circus-and-dance-professionals/

Digital Leap website will open in late 2021.

A worldwide platform for circus arts research is online

October 5th, 2018 by
A worldwide platform for circus arts research is online

Circus Arts Research Platform (CARP) is a free resource website for academic research and studies related to the circus arts.

Published online at www.CircusArtsResearchPlatform.com, the platform stimulates and strengthens collaboration between scholars and professionals interested in circus arts studies across all academic disciplines. It offers to the academic community an international directory of researchers and an international, accessible bibliography of academic publications related to circus arts studies. It also gives information on current academic research in circus arts to a wider public.

The platform collects and maps universities and research institutions with circus-related research programs or research chairs; institutions offering residencies to scholars, as well as relevant collections in circus art.

At the time of the launch in August 2018, the platform contains more than 120 profiles of researchers, references to 2000 academic publications in all languages and a world-wide map of more than 200 significant circus collections in archives, museums, libraries and resource centres. The references in the bibliography have been collected from the library collections of the Centre national des arts du Cirque (France), the École Nationale de Cirque (Canada) and from more than 100 academic databases all over the world. The international bibliography and its thematic bibliographies will be updated on regular bases.

In addition, CARP offers an overview of links to institutions, networks and other information resources in circus arts. The News & Events page gives information on the latest activities, conference calls and publications.

The Circus Arts Research Platform is an initiative of Centre national des arts du Cirque (FR), Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer of the National Circus School in Montreal (CA), Circuscentrum (BE) and CircusInfo Finland (FI) in collaboration with researchers all over the world, for widening the reachability of knowledge regarding academic research in circus arts.

Get Hooked on CARP at circusartsresearchplatform.com/

Experts Exchange Programme

March 16th, 2015 by
Experts Exchange Programme

ENICPA encourages member institutions to organize national, regional or local round tables about the value of information and documentation services.

ENICPA supports these events organized by a member institution. The network will cover the costs of an external speaker who is a representative of another member institution. The programme supports travel costs and accommodation up to 600,00 € for 2020. The board decides on application.

Send your application(s) to ENICPA board.

World Scenography

March 7th, 2014 by
Book Series: World Scenographies

World Scenography is a book series that documents significant contemporary theatrical design worldwide since 1975. It is an official project of OISTAT, the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians. The international editorial team for World Scenography is led by co-editors Peter McKinnon (Canada) and Eric Fielding (USA). The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute has been involved in the project since 2010. There has been no comprehensive documentation of global scenography since the four-volume series Stage Design Throughout the World, by Belgian professor René Hainaux, covered the period 1935–1975. This new series will cover the periods of 1975–1990, 1990–2005, and 2005–2015 respectively. The first volume was launched at the USITT Conference in Long Beach, California, in March 2012 and in 2014 it received the USITT’s Golden Pen Award.

More information about the project at: www.worldscenography.org

PACE.V4 (Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus)

August 27th, 2013 by

Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus (PACE.V4) is a pilot project of joint presentation of the four Visegrad countries at major international events, such as the biggest world performing arts markets or important international theatre/dance/music festivals. The aim of the project is long-term cooperation on joint presentations of the contemporary theatre, dance and music of the Visegrad countries. The project also seeks to identify cultural-historical overlaps or differences that exist in the contemporary Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian performing arts, with theatre as the focal point.

The goal of the project is to increase the visibility of the Visegrad group countries on the international scene.

The project was supported under the grant programme of the International Visegrad Fund

The project was implemented by following institutions:

For more information visit: https://www.idu.cz/en/about-us/projects-and-infoportals/659-pace-v4

Linked Heritage: Europeana

August 27th, 2013 by
Linked Heritage: Europeana

The Arts and Theatre Institute is a partner in the project Linked Heritage – Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the Enrichment of Europeana. The project is aimed at cultural heritage and groups mainly institutions with a cultural mission, such as libraries, archives, galleries and museums.

More information about the project can be obtained at: http://www.linkedheritage.eu

European Route of Historic Theatres

August 27th, 2013 by
European Route of Historic Theatres

The Arts and Theatre Institute (CZ) and Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego (PL) are partners in a project called the ‘European Route of Historic Theatres’, which is implanted by Perspectiv, the association of historic theatres and was built up 2012-2017. The aim of the project is to create an online database, exhibitions, conferences, and information campaigns designed to chart, describe, and promote historic theatres in Europe and to support tourism connected with such sites. An important part of the project is forming ties and contacts between historic theatres and providing the operators of these theatres with an opportunity to share their experiences.

Theatre has been a cornerstone of European culture for over 2,500 years. The buildings created for this art mirror our history. They can be found everywhere in Europe. Together they form a very special part of our common European heritage.

The ‘European Route of Historic Theatres’ was initiated in 2007. It proved to be an excellent idea for travellers and theatres alike, and the European Commission agreed to support its extension across all of Europe by 2017. Sixteen partners from twelve countries have joined forces to achieve the following goals:

  • conduct research and present the first ever online database of all historic theatres that still exist in Europe;
  • select the 120 most interesting and best preserved theatre buildings and link them along a single, continuous cultural tourism route across Europe;
  • create a travelling exhibition that presents this heritage in context.

More information: https://www.erht.eu/

Virtual Study

May 7th, 2013 by

Virtual Study represents the culmination of the Theatre Institute’s prior work in the area of digitising and establishing databases of its collections. Virtual Study is founded on two large databases—the Verbis database by the KP-SYS company (used by the Library and Bibliography Department) and the Divadlo database developed for the Information and Documents Department (theatre productions, video library, theatre events, key figures, stage plays). The related databases (photographs, scenography) provide direct access to digitised items.

The electronic processing of our collections received significant support from several grant projects. The most significant achievement in this area was the complete inclusion of information on Czech theatre productions since 1945 and the digitisation of nearly 180,000 images from our documentary collection, performed in 2008-2011 as part of the project ‘Preserving and Presenting the Cultural Heritage of Czech and World Theatre’, which was made possible by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Virtual Study provides comprehensive access to information and the digitised resources in our databases. These include a library catalogue with a research module and user account administration tool, an extensive bibliographic database of articles linked to the full texts of articles (accessible only via the Institute’s internal network), a video library, a database of Czech theatre productions since 1945, a database of theatre photographs containing 198,202 digitised images, and a database of scenographic items and documentation containing copies of 21,367 stage and costume designs.

In the process of digitising our collections and making them publicly accessible, we made sure to observe the provisions of Act No. 121/2000 on copyright protection. For this reason, some digitised materials cannot be made available via the internet, but are available to registered researchers for study purposes at the offices of the Arts and Theatre Institute. This mainly concerns digitised items published after 1900, some designs in the scenographic collection, and photographs for which we were unable to obtain publishing permission from the copyright holders. These items are labelled accordingly on the internet. Anyone interested in studying these materials may do so in the study rooms of the ATI.

Resources accessible via Virtual Study:


Other electronic resources of the Theatre Institute

Project coordinator: Ondřej Svoboda, ondrej.svoboda(at)divadlo.cz, +420 224 809 164