Old bibliography card database (1851 to 1990), Arts and Theatre Institute Prague, Photo: David Konečný.


The European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts (ENICPA) network aims to function as an open meeting place for information and documentation institutions and their professionals. It provides a platform for cooperation between its members for

  • sharing expertise and knowledge in the field of the performing arts
  • developing transnational projects in the field of information distribution about the performing arts 
  • combining and interlinking information about the performing arts for all interested parties through data aggregation and joint digital platforms
  • offering space for talks, conferences and meeting focusings on knowledge transfer within the performing arts

Since its beginning ENICPA has firmly believed in building trust by getting to know each other in-depth and on an equal basis. Being a network of colleagues, ENICPA is a fertile soil for new ideas and for cooperation between the member organizations. It is a think-tank 

ENICPA offers to its members the opportunity to enhance their expertise and to train their professional coworkers in the field of information gathering, documentation practices and presentation of collections through the staff exchange programme

At the annual meetings ENICPA’s members exchange information about projects, developments, ideas and tools, not just in the field of documentation, digitization, and information databases but also in law, public relation, audience development, artistic mobility and more. As each meeting is hosted by another member organization, it is a unique possibility to learn details about how the partners run their organization.

Currently, ENICPA consists of 15 member organizations from 11 different European countries.