• The first DVD realized in 2005 by SAT association and IALS with some of the recorded interviews by incommedia.it to prove that today Commedia dell’Arte is still living and there is a keen interest around his practices. The DVD is composed by three sections:

    A brief presentation of one of the more actual use of Commedia dell’Arte: a multiuser virtual game, no more online, builded following the Commedia dell’Arte techniques to permit users to improvise on a virtual stage. If you want more information on it go to Commedia Game.
    In the second section the Mask is presented, from the construction to the opinions of the actors that work with it.
    In the third section the improvisation technique is analized tryng to understand his importance and if it is still used in the Commedia dell’Arte today performance.
    The last section is dedicated at the actuality of Commedia dell’Arte, questioning if it is possible to adapt it to the modern situation, what should be done to protect, to promote and to valorize his tradition.

    The DVD has english subtitles.

  • Some Enicpa activities occupy more time than members can spend: the internal communication, presentations of the network and the preparation of the round table meetings. In these cases an intern – hosted by a member institution – can be of help. Maybe the member institution hosts an intern anyway and him or her can be involved in Enicpa network task easily. It would ease the work to prepare a meeting or presentation and could bring some fresh ideas for the internal and external communication of the network. To encourage members – especially those who organize or co-organize the round table meeting – to make use of this support, Enicpa provides a co-financing.

    The board decides on application. We can cover 6 months (200 € co-financing) for 2015. (The idea was taken from on-the-move who worked like this with the office and member institutions.)

  • ENICPA encourages member institutions to organize national, regional or local round tables about the value of information and documentation services.

    ENICPA supports these events organized by a member […]

  • 22 – 23 October 2015
    Hosted by TINFO Theatre Info Finland (Finnish Centre of the ITI), Dance Info Finland, CircusInfo Finland and Theatre Museum

    Main topics:

    The challenges of digitalization for performing arts information centres
    Information centres as supporters for capacity building of performing artists and companies

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    Preliminary documents:

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    Final documents:

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    Founded in 1962, the centre offers not only training at basic, maintenance and advanced levels for dancers, singers, musicians and actors – professional or otherwise – but also research activity and […]