Landscape Sketch of the Arts – opportunities and challenges for the Flemish arts field

Landscape Sketch of the Arts – opportunities and challenges for the Flemish arts field Flanders Arts Institute have translated the results of their 5-year document for policy makers: Link to a longer document (also at the bottom of that news message above):

First Aid for starting performing artists in Flanders

When you’re starting out as a performing artist, where can you go for support to develop your plans? All basic information that you need to know is brought together on ‘Get Going‘ page on the VTi website. More information on the culture policy in Belgium and more specifically in Flanders can be found in the ‘Policy‘ section. To get in touch with the VTi staff about specific question concerning your artistic project, check out our First Aid Helpdesk page....

Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institut Flanders Arts Institute supports and stimulates the development of the arts and policy. The organisation is active in three main areas. Analysis & research of the arts landscapeThe organisation collects, analyses and publishes data on the arts and policy by consulting with all parties concerned, an active involvement in the field of action, and research into the artistic ecosystem in Belgium and abroad. Support for artists and organisationsThe organisation supports the development of artists and art organisations through knowledge sharing and support on the basis of analysis and research results and with a helicopter vision of the entire artistic ecosystem. Flanders Arts Institute releases publications and presentations, organises information sessions and provides individual advice focused on topical themes and on the sustainable long-term development of the artistic practice. Internationalisation of the artsFlanders Arts Institute supports internationalisation in the arts. The organisation stimulates artists and organisations to engage in and maintain international relations by organising visitor and exchange programmes and the organisation of spotlights on Flanders abroad. Flanders Arts Institute Ravensteingalerij 38 1000 Brussels Belgium Contacts Tom Ruette, Head of Information & Data