Amfiteater Symposium at the Slovenian Theatre Institute. Photo: Andrej Ovsec.

Slovenian Theatre Institute

The Slovenian Theatre Institute was founded in 2014 and is the legal successor of the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia, founded in 1952. The Institute is engaged in collecting, preserving, documenting, researching, examining, interpreting, promoting and presenting Slovenian theatre culture, its heritage and as contemporary theatre arts, both at national and international level.
The Institute organizes exhibitions and presents virtual exhibitions, publishes books from the theatre field, organizes various events (symposiums, round tables, lectures, etc.) and pedagogic activities, collaborates on main national theatre festivals, houses theatre performances, etc. 

The Slovenian Theatre Institute also edits the Repertoire – digital database of Slovenian professional, semi-professional and non-institutional theatre production since 1867 and the Slovene Drama in Translation web portal offering a number of translations of Slovene contemporary plays in English and other languages. The Institute as well co-publishes with the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television of the University of Ljubljana the scientific journal of performing arts theory Amfiteater.

The Slovenian Theatre Institute cooperates and connects with similar institutions in Slovenia and abroad and is participating in several international projects.


Slovenian Theatre Institute
Mestni trg 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gašper Troha, PhD, Director
+386 1 241 58 10

Ana Perne, Head of Audio Collection and Video Archive
+386 1 241 58 08

Tea Rogelj, MA, Head of Iconotheque
+386 1 241 58 14

Mihael Čepeljnik, Project Manager
+ 386 1 241 58 12