Flanders Arts Institute

The VTi Performing Arts Database: Contains data on professional stage productions which involved producers in Flanders or Brussels. It is actively maintained by VTi. What productions were put on by professional artists? Which artists and organisations deserve the credits for these? What documents remain about these productions?
Language: Flemish, French, English

Czech Republic

The Arts and Theatre Institute

The Virtual Study (ViS): The Virtual Study (ViS), which is operated by the Arts and Theatre Institute, is a comprehensive interface for accessing all of the Institute’s information databases.
Language: Czech, English


CircusInfo Finland

Sirkka Database: Sirkka Online Database collects information on Finnish circus companies, artists and shows.
Language: Finnish, English

Dance Info Finland

Tanka – Finnish Dance Database: Tanka dance database contains information about Finnish dance artists, dance companies and dance productions.
Language: Finnish, English

Theatre Info Finland (TINFO)

ILONA – Performance Database: ILONA Database gives information on performances at the Finnish theatres since the foundation of the first professional theatre in 1872.
Language: Finnish, Swedish, English

New Plays from Finland: With help of this web service you will easily find most significant new plays written in Finland. Introductions and synopses, quick search by tags.
Language: English

Drama Translations Database: Finnish plays in translation. Over 700 original titles and more than 1300 translations, updated continuously.
Language: Finnish, English


The Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute

Theatre database:


Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN)

Sceneweb: Norwegian performing arts database with registers of some of what is now performing and an historical archive. The aim of Sceneweb is to document and convey Norwegian cultural heritage, past and present, and to increase the knowledge to Norwegian performing arts.
Language: Norwegian, English


The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

Personal Database: about 75,000 people (actors, dancers, singers, directors, choreographers, set designers, composers etc.) connected with Polish drama, puppet, musical and alternative theatre.
Language: Polish

Performance Database: stagings of all kinds of plays on all theatre stages in Poland, mainly after 1944. It consists of over 50,000 records.
Language: Polish

Multimedia Database: catalogue includes over 2,000 recordings of performances and other film materials connected with the theatre that are in the collection of the Multimedia Library of the Institute.
Language: Polish


Centro de investigación y recursos de las artes escénicas de Andalucía (CIRAE)

Library Database: catalogue of our specialised library that includes books, newspapers, journals, multimedia, …

Language: Spanish

Elektra, Digital archive of the performing arts of Andalusia:

catalogue of documentation graphics (programmes, posters, sketches of sets and costumes, photographs, press releases, etc.) and audiovisual recordings that make up the history of the performing arts in Andalusia. Language: Spanish