Czech Republic

The Arts and Theatre Institute

Library: This is the catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s library, whose mission is to collect, process, store and provide access to all Czech (and select foreign) theatre literature and periodicals. Online access also includes reader account administration with the option of extending loans or reserving available documents. Digitised documents are available through the Kramerius digital library (publications published before 1900 are available online).

Audio Library: The catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s audio library containing audio recordings of spoken word, operas, operettas, musical melodramas, musicals, stage music, and ballet. Researchers may access the actual recordings at the Institute’s offices.

Video Library: The catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s video library contains audiovisual recordings of drama, opera, ballet and alternative productions, as well as documents and portraits of key people in the field of theatre. Recordings are stored on DVD and are being gradually converted into compressed mpeg4 format. Researchers may access the recordings at the Institute’s offices. The video library’s collection contains almost 10,000 entries.

Bibliography: The theatre bibliography contains articles on theatre in the Czech Republic and abroad published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and online magazines and websites in the Czech Republic. The bibliography also includes all Czech-related articles and selected articles on theatre abroad printed in selected magazines published outside the Czech Republic. The database, which is the successor to the earlier theatre bibliography card catalogue, has been systematically compiled since 1995 and contains more than 270,000 bibliographic records. Theatre journals are retroactively processed to their full extent.

There is also a historical card catalogue bibliography for 1851-1989. The catalogue was digitised and is operated by a specialised division of the Institute for Czech Literature at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

All catalogues can be accessed via Virtual Study.


Dance Info Finland

Information bank (education, festivals, venues, residencies, regional dance centres, organizations):

List of dance companies and choreographers in Finland:


The Theatre Museum of Iceland

Icelandic Performing Arts Database: Registry of theatrical productions performed in Iceland:

This database is under construction and development.


The Theatre Institute Bratislava

Catalogue of Independent and State/City Theatres and Festivals in Slovakia
Language: Slovakian


Zlata paličica (Golden stick) platform – a catalogue of recommended Slovenian high-quality dramatic, puppet, musical and dance performances for children and youth, selected by expert commission.
Language: Slovenian

We are Theatre – booklet of Slovenian theatre public institutions, non-governmental organizations and professional associations.
Language: Slovenian, English


Centro de investigación y recursos de las artes escénicas de Andalucía (CIRAE)

Autores Dramáticos Andaluces – Andalusian Dramatic Authors: Catalog of all Andalusian authors, and their dramatic production from antiquity to our days.
Language: Spanish

Directorio de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía – Directory of the Performing Arts of Andalusia
Language: Spanish