Czech Republic

Arts and Theatre Institute Prague

Virtual Study (ViS)

ViS is a comprehensive interface for accessing all of the Institute’s information databases.
The study’s objective is to facilitate research, increase the informational value of the database materials through their joint and interconnected publishing, to provide access to materials that would otherwise be inaccessible or accessible only to a limited extent, and last but not least to protect the original materials, which would suffer from regular use. ViS contains from the modules: Library, Audio Library, Video Library, Czech Theatre Bibliography, Theatre Productions in Czech theatres after 1945, Stage Design, Theatre Photography, Theatre Events, Oral History

Scope: Czech Republic / Global

Theatre Architecture

The multilingual database with the comprehensive encyclopaedic entries were written by experts in the field of architectural history on the basis of detailed archival research. The database includes information on theatres in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, always in the language of the relevant country with an English translation. The theatres from other countries are described with a short information.

Scope: Global

Czech Theatre Encyclopaedia

The Czech Theatre Encyclopaedia is a project of the Czech Theatre Studies Department, which aims to research the history of theatre in the territory of the present-day Czech Republic, both its Czech and foreign-language manifestations, and to publish the findings in electronic form. It contains over 3,000 entries and is still being added to.

Scope: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany