Circus and Dance Info Finland

Sirkka – The Finnish circus database

The Finnish circus database Sirkka gathers information about Finnish circus art. The database contains information about circus groups, works, artists and teachers. In Sirkka, you can find information on c. 600 Finnish circus performances, and in addition Sirkka contains almost 150 artist and circus teacher profiles. Circus professionals can add their works and artist information to Sirkka.

Scope: Finland

Tanka – the Finnish dance database

The Finnish dance database Tanka contains information about the works of Finnish dance art. Tanka has information on domestic professional dance groups as well as information on premieres from year 2000 onwards. In addition, Tanka has information on more than 1 000 individual dance artists/choreographers and their works. The collection and updating of artist data has been suspended in 2022.

Scope: Finland