berlin-2016_6The annual ENICPA Round Table Meeting took place in Berlin on the first days of November. Thank you for all the members who participated this year’s meeting and all the presentations we heard during these two days. We would also like to thank our host, the ITI Germany, for facilitating us. Before the official memo and the minutes, I would like to inform you some of the main point we discussed:

  • Next year’s meeting will take place at Bratislava in the beginning of November 2017 (the exact dates tbc)
  • The topic(s) for the next meeting will be decided during the spring. One potential suggestion was communications.
  • Although there are no official application deadlines for the staff exchangeor expert exchange programmes, the board will inform when they will hold the meetings beforehand, so those how are planning to apply know when the applications are expected to process.
  • The Round Table Meeting decided to increase the budget for the staff exchange programme. This will help to extend the period of the visit to another organization.
  • Personal note from our Communication Coordinator: We hope that the network communication will improve in the near future. This will mean more contacts from me, more frequent updating on the webpages, Facebook etc. I would like to push us all to inform throught the network about your great work that you all do and to share good practises and other information.


Should you have any question regarding our network communication, do not hesitate to contact me:

Mikko Karvinen, Communication Coordinator


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