Theatre Info Finland (TINFO) has published the performance statistics from season 2016-2017 (1.8.2016 – 31.7.2017). This repertoire statistics include

  • 46 drama theatres subsidized by law, subjected to the Act on the Financing of the Educational and Cultural Provision / Theatres and Orchestras Act
  • The Finnish National Theatre


Most of these theatres are repertoire theatres.

Note! 11 dance companies (subsidized by law) and The Finnish National Opera are included in some tables but not all.

Statistics give information about theatres’ repertoire by ie. genre, number of premieres and first premieres, country of origin and the most popular plays and performances. The data is provided by the theatres and is based on their repertoire and ticket sales. The statistics reveal strong representation of domestic drama and other non-text based performances. 63 % of all performances by ticket sales were Finnish.

Tables, graphs and charts have English titles.

Performance Statistics 2016 – 2017 (PDF)

For additional questions and information: mikko.karvinen(a)

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