Round Table Meeting 2016, Berlin 1-2 Nov

This year’s Round Table Meeting will take place in Berlin on the 1st-2nd of November. This time meeting will overlap with a meeting of the On-the-Move association. Once more the meeting will facilitate the exchange about our members’ projects and current developments. Please find in the programme the following topics for expert input and discussions: Recent projects and developments within the information and documentations centres How the institute support the artists – production, networking, funding, mobility Mapping the performing arts landscapes – how do we provide information for artists and the general public? Strengthen the discussion and network around the specific art form, specific needs and projects? and together with members of the on-the-move association we’ll discuss: (Mobility)-information systems: What is the state of the art regarding websites and consultations?   Information Programme (docx) Programme (pdf) Practical info (pdf) Hotels (pdf) Ibis Booking Form (pdf) Please register until Oct. 17th. by sending an email to our colleague Dorothea Lautenschlaeger – If you intend to present an project or a contribution to the general themes – pls. send us the title and short description (1000 characters incl. space) – via email to We do look forward to welcome you in Berlin! With kindest regards, Dr. Thomas Engel – Director of the German Centre of the ITI Michael Freundt – Associate director of the German Centre of the ITI Dorothea Lautenschlaeger – Project coordinator...

Virtual Study –online access to the databases, catalogues and digitised resources of the ATI

  The Virtual Study (ViS), which is operated by the Arts and Theatre Institute, is a comprehensive interface for accessing all of the Institute’s information databases. The study’s objective is to facilitate research, increase the informational value of database materials through their joint and interlinked publication, to provide access to materials that would otherwise be inaccessible or accessible only to a limited extent (negatives and slides from the photographic and scenographic archives), and, last but not least, to protect original materials that would be damaged by regular use. Theatre Photographs The ATI’s collection of theatre photographs is accessible in digitised format. The collection was digitised as part of the project ‘Preserving and Presenting the Cultural Heritage of Czech and World Theatre’, which was partly funded by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The database provides access to scans of positives and negatives. The collection, which also includes digital photographs, contains more than 200,000 items. Database administrators: Michal Šanda, michal.sanda(at) and Denisa Šťastná, denisa.stastna(at) Scenography The ATI’s scenographic collection of objects and archival documents related primarily to theatre in the Czech Republic is accessible in digitised format. The database contains information on the scenographic collection and on the digitised collection of scenographic documents. The scenography database contains more than 21,000 items. Database administrator: Denisa Šťastná, denisa.stastna(at) Productions This systematically compiled database contains records on Czech theatre productions going back to 1945. The database also serves as a catalogue of the ATI’s documents collection, which includes invitations, promotional materials, programmes, and clippings of newspaper articles and reviews. The productions database contains over 40,000 items. Database administrator: Zuzana Jindrová, zuzana.jindrova(at) Theatre Events The Theatre Events database contains basic information on theatre festivals, theatre companies’ tours abroad, visits to the Czech Republic by foreign theatre companies, exhibitions and permanent exhibits on theatre, theatre awards, and other theatre-related events (e.g. lectures, talks, workshops). The database of events contains approximately 8,000 items. Database administrator: Radka Petrmichlová, radka.petrmichlova(at)    ...

The Arts and Theatre Institute’s catalogues

All catalogues can be accessed via Virtual Study ( Library This is the catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s library, whose mission is to collect, process, store and provide access to all Czech (and select foreign) theatre literature and periodicals. Online access also includes reader account administration with the option of extending loans or reserving available documents. Digitised documents are available through the Kramerius digital library (publications published before 1900 are available online). Database administrator: Alena Součková, alena.souckova(at) Audio Library The catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s audio library containing audio recordings of spoken word, operas, operettas, musical melodramas, musicals, stage music, and ballet. Researchers may access the actual recordings at the Institute’s offices. Database administrator: Milan Černý, milan.cerny(at) Video Library The catalogue of the Theatre Institute’s video library contains audiovisual recordings of drama, opera, ballet and alternative productions, as well as documents and portraits of key people in the field of theatre. Recordings are stored on DVD and are being gradually converted into compressed mpeg4 format. Researchers may access the recordings at the Institute’s offices. The video library’s collection contains almost 10,000 entries. Database administrator: Andrea Landovská, andrea.landovska(at) Bibliography The theatre bibliography contains articles on theatre in the Czech Republic and abroad published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and online magazines and websites in the Czech Republic. The bibliography also includes all Czech-related articles and selected articles on theatre abroad printed in selected magazines published outside the Czech Republic. The database, which is the successor to the earlier theatre bibliography card catalogue, has been systematically compiled since 1995 and contains more than 270,000 bibliographic records. Theatre journals are retroactively processed to their full extent. Database administrator: Vladimír Hajšman, vladimir.hajsman(at) There is also a historical card catalogue bibliography for 1851-1989. The catalogue was digitised and is operated by a specialised division of the Institute for Czech Literature at the Czech Academy of Sciences....

Czech Theatre Directory

A regularly updated directory of theatres, festivals, theatre institutions, schools, periodicals and organisations is available at:

Festivals in the Czech Republic

The Arts and Theatre Institute maintains a regularly updated database of theatre festivals in the Czech Republic ( Via Virtual Study it provides access to information on festivals in the Czech Republic since 1945 (

Theatre Architecture in Central Europe (TACE)

Theatre Architecture in Central Europe (TACE) was a three years long project, co-financed by European Union under the Culture 2000 program. The main aim of the project was to present existing knowledge and information about the development of theatre architecture as a specific phenomenon of the European cultural heritage. Within the project, several types of activities had been implemented in such a manner, that the outputs would address a broad target group and would appeal to scholars and the general public  alike. The project was prepared by the Art and Theatre Institute (ATI) and was led by The National Theatre Prague (Národní divadlo Praha) with partner institutions as Theatre Institute Bratislava, Hungarian Theatre Institute and Museum, Theatre Museum in Ljubljana and Theatre Institute in Warsaw. The project was launched in 2008 and continued until January of 2011. After its termination, the project was transferred under management of IDU for the phase of sustainability. In this period, the project became opened and cooperation was offered to other European institutions with an ambition to cover as large area as possible. In this regard, the project has been renamed and further on is promoted under the name EUROPEAN THEATRE ARCHITECTURE – EUTA. Project Archive...

Czech Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping (2011-2015)

Czech Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping (2011-2015) In March 2011, Arts Institute launched a follow-up project – Czech Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping (2011-2015). The aim of the project was to collect robust data on conditions and economic performance of CCI in the Czech Republic, and subsequently carry out a detailed analysis of the acquired data. The project included a comparative study of the situation in the Czech Republic with those of other EU member states already engaged in a similar research. The principal output of the project will be a CCI mapping document presenting all findings of this five-year project (March 2011- December 2015). On the basis of the mapping document the project will formulate a set of policy recommendations of strategic importance. These are expected to contribute to a better organization and more effective distribution of public support for the arts and culture on the national, regional and local levels, and to a more efficient exploitation of the social and economic potential of CCI in the country. Creativity and Innovation in Cities and Regions of the Czech Republic (2011) British Council hosted (with a number of partners, including Arts Institute) the conference Creativity and Innovation in Cities and Regions of the Czech Republic. The conference offered a unique opportunity to national, regional and local decision makers to explore how they can drive economic prosperity and social inclusion in their cities and regions by providing conditions and support to the CCI sector. Through presentations by leading Czech and international experts, the conference drew on case studies and good practice examples from creative and successful cities in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe. Conference proceedings can be accessed here Forum for Creative Europe (2009) Arts Institute significantly contributed to the preparation of a conference Forum for Creative Europe, organized by the Czech Ministry of Culture within the Czech EU Presidency. The main objective of the conference, which took place on 26 and 27 March 2009 in the Municipal Library in Prague, was to prove that arts and culture contribute significantly to social and economic prosperity. Conference proceedings can be accessed here...

PACE.V4 (Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus)

Performing Arts Central Europe – Visegrad Countries Focus (PACE.V4) is a pilot project of joint presentation of the four Visegrad countries at major international events, such as the biggest world performing arts markets or important international theatre/dance/music festivals. The aim of the project is long-term cooperation on joint presentations of the contemporary theatre, dance and music of the Visegrad countries. The project also seeks to identify cultural-historical overlaps or differences that exist in the contemporary Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian performing arts, with theatre as the focal point. The goal of the project is to increase the visibility of the Visegrad group countries on the international scene. The project was supported under the grant programme of the International Visegrad Fund The project was implemented by following institutions: Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague;, (coordinator) Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland; Theatre Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia; Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute, Budapest, Hungary; For more information visit:

Linked Heritage: Europeana

Linked Heritage: Europeana The Arts and Theatre Institute is a partner in the project Linked Heritage – Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the Enrichment of Europeana. The project is aimed at cultural heritage and groups mainly institutions with a cultural mission, such as libraries, archives, galleries and museums. More information about the project can be obtained at:

European Route of Historic Theatres

European Route of Historic Theatres The Arts and Theatre Institute (CZ) and Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego (PL) are partners in a project called the ‘European Route of Historic Theatres’, which is implanted by Perspectiv, the association of historic theatres and was built up 2012-2017. The aim of the project is to create an online database, exhibitions, conferences, and information campaigns designed to chart, describe, and promote historic theatres in Europe and to support tourism connected with such sites. An important part of the project is forming ties and contacts between historic theatres and providing the operators of these theatres with an opportunity to share their experiences. Theatre has been a cornerstone of European culture for over 2,500 years. The buildings created for this art mirror our history. They can be found everywhere in Europe. Together they form a very special part of our common European heritage. The ‘European Route of Historic Theatres’ was initiated in 2007. It proved to be an excellent idea for travellers and theatres alike, and the European Commission agreed to support its extension across all of Europe by 2017. Sixteen partners from twelve countries have joined forces to achieve the following goals: conduct research and present the first ever online database of all historic theatres that still exist in Europe; select the 120 most interesting and best preserved theatre buildings and link them along a single, continuous cultural tourism route across Europe; create a travelling exhibition that presents this heritage in context. More information:

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