ENICPA has a budget for an exchange program. Staff of the member organizations of the network can make use of this by simply writing an e-mail to the board stating which staff member of which organization wants to make use of the program with a short motivation. After the visit the person applying for the program writes a short report to the board.

The goals of the program are:

  • Exchange of information, knowledge and expertise on a one to one level
  • Seeing the work been done in the actual workplace
  • Facilitate the professional growth of ENICPA members’ staff
How to apply?

Step 1

Find out more about the member institute you would like to visit and how their activities would enhance your professional competence.

Step 2

Contact the institute and express your interest to visit them. Make a preliminary plan of your visit with your contact person.

Step 3

Write a short motivation letter to the board. Formulation is free. Your letter can include ie.

  • where and when are you planning to go,
  • what activities, jobs, programmes interest you in your host institute,
  • what is your goal, what would you like to achieve with your visit,
  • budget

Step 4

The board will process the application at the board meeting. After you get the acceptance, you are good to go!

Step 5

After your exchange, write a short report of  your visit. Make a reimbursement according to your expenses (remember the receipts!). You can reimburse up to 800 €/visit (2019-2020).


Staff Exchange Report: Sari Havukainen (TINFO), 2018

Staff Exchange Report: Anna Galas visit to Andalucia,2016

Example for application: Sari Havukainen, Theatre Info Finland (TINFO)

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