Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN) is a state-subsidized network organization and competence centre for the professional performing arts sector in Norway. The office is in Oslo. The organization has 109 members.

PAHN’s main vision is to be national competence centre to promote professional performing arts domestically and abroad, emphasising independent performing arts.

PAHN is the distributer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel fund supporting artistic exchange within the performing arts, as well as coordinating international exchange projects.

PAHN is the owner of the national performing arts database  Sceneweb. The database is publishes at the Internet portal

PAHN is the key shareholder of “The National Touring Network for the Performing Arts” (NTNPA) and Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

PAHN is owner of the performing arts news net site together with three other organizations.

PAHN contributes actively to political lobbying regarding policymaking, infrastructure and public funding of the arts.

We work closely with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Norwegian Arts Council to establish conditions that handle the demand for Norwegian art.

Norwegian Performing Arts Hub Norway / Danse- og teatersentrum

Storgata 10 B
0155 Oslo
Tel: +47 23 10 09 80
Fax: +47 23 10 09 91


Elisabeth Leinslie, Senior Advisor
Tel: +47 99 16 76 27

  • Digitalization
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage
  • Culture policy
  • Information
  • International relations
  • Political advocacy
  • Management


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