DANSEINFORMASJONEN (DANCE INFO NORWAY) is a non-profit foundation, aiming at promoting the art of dance in a multitude of ways. Working with information and documentation is of particular importance. We are proud to present the only comprehensive calendar of dance performances and dance-related activities across Norway.

In addition to activities such as providing guidance and advice, DANCE INFO NORWAY runs a specialized library for the dance discipline and a National dance archive. DANCE INFO NORWAY also administrates a production space called ’Scenehuset’, renting it out to choreographers and dancers. The center also coordinates several international events such as UNESCO’s International Dance Day and other collaborations. The center is utilized by professional dancers, amateurs, the general public, students, the media, and politicians.

DANCE INFO NORWAY was established in 1994, under the name of ‘Senter for Dansekunst’, founded by ‘Norsk Ballettforbund’ (now ‘NoDa the association for choreographers, dancers and pedagogues), and funded by the Ministry of Culture. Our activities and projects place us an important component of the Norwegian dance scene. From the start, DANCE INFO NORWAY worked politically to realize a unique dance venue, Dansens Hus, which was established in 2004. Dansens Hus moved into a new venue in 2008 and DANCE INFO NORWAY is situated in the same building.

Dance Info Norway / Danseinformasjonen

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