Circus and Dance Info Finland is the gateway to Finnish dance art through international networks and by providing information about dance in Finland.

Dance Info’s mission is to support the development of dance art, and to open new horizons and create professional opportunities and connections for dance companies and choreographers. Founded in 1980, Dance Info is funded mainly by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Dance Info Finland is a partner in many international collaboration projects and exchange programmes, and works closely with the Nordic dance sector.

In practice, Circus and Dance Info

  • provides news and information about Finnish dance, both in Finland and abroad
  • publishes the Finnish Dance in Focus magazine
  • collects and produces information and yearly statistics about Finnish dance
  • provides services and guidance for dance professionals
  • participates in international network meetings (e.g. IETM)
  • represents the Finnish dance sector at different industry events
  • makes connections with Finnish dance companies and international presenters
  • creates collaboration and exchange projects with partner organizations around the world

The website, is a quite comprehensive presentation about the dance sector in Finland, listing dance companies and choreographers active in Finland, dance education, festivals, residencies, venues, and other organizations. Hundreds of news and articles about dance are published online (and you can get the updates by subscribing to the newsletter in English), and there is also a dance performance calendar in Finland.

Dance Info Finland

Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C 93, 2nd floor

00180 Helsinki



Sanna Rekola, Director
+358 (0)50 413 6123

Sanna Kangasluoma, Communications Manager
+358 (0)50 543 1224

Katharina Lindholm, Manager of International Affairs

+358 (0)40 182 1621

  • cultural policy
  • international collaboration & networks
  • development of dance sector
  • artists’ mobility

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