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Become a member!

Do you want to become a member of ENICPA? See here for the advantages of a membership:

Becoming a member of ENICPA means

  • being part of an cooperative exchange of experiences and news in our field
  • being part of the training with its exchange of visions, project ideas, and new technologies in information gathering and dissemination
  • setting the seeds for new European projects of the member institutions
  • becoming involved in the realisation of the network’s above described aims and objectives.
  • attending ENICPA’s meetings (one per year)
  • taking part in ENICPA’s information projects

Who is eligible to become a member?

Organisations that:

  • are information and/or documentation centres, resource and service centres
  • are recognised in their country/regions as information resources

Organisations that want to become a member should:

  • contact the board by sending a short information about their institution (not more than 1.000 characters)
  • meet the network at the next meeting