A cozy room with a red couch, a table with red chairs and book shelves on the wall.
Library at Dance Info Norway, Photo: Danseinformasjonen.

Dance Info Norway

DANCE INFO NORWAY (DANSEINFORMASJONEN) was established in 1994 as a non-profit foundation funded by the Ministry of Culture. Information and documentation work is of particular importance, as most of the dance scene in Norway is situated in the independent art scene. DANCE INFO NORWAY is the sole shareholder of Dansens Hus Oslo and we are  situated in the same building.

DANCE INFO NORWAY is responsible for a national dance archive in collaboration with The National Archives of Norway. The archive material is collected, catalogued, and digitized by us before it is handed over for preservation in an eternal perspective. https://danseinfo.no/dansearkivet.

DANCE INFO NORWAY coordinates several events such as UNESCO’s International Dance Day and other collaborative events and organize seminars, talks and lectures. We administrate a production space for rent to choreographers and dancers, in addition to provide guidance and advice on the dance, and run a specialized library for the dance discipline. We have also published an anthology on Norwegian dance and two magazines with new texts on Norwegian dance.


Dance Info Norway
Vulkan 1, 0182 Oslo, Norway

Sindre Jacobsen, Documentation – Scenehuset and IT manager
E-Mail: sindre@danseinfo.no