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As part of its mission to promote Czech arts abroad, the Arts and Theatre Institute published a series of guides to Czech dance, theatre, music, literature and contemporary art. Each guide offers a brief historical background to its given field, information on current projects, portraits of top artists, important figures and arts bodies in the field, an extensive up-to-date directory of artists,... Read More »

European Video Dance Heritage (EVDH)

ENICPA is an associated partner in EVDH. This project is an EU project and starts in 2013 The overall goal of the project is to structure a European memory of dance through video and to transmit this heritage to younger generations, taking into account its political, economic, technical, legal and educational dimensions. The ambition is to imagine in five years’ time a freer circulation of dance... Read More »

keðjaMariehamn 2014

As a part of the Nordic-Baltic collaboration project keðja 2012–2015, Dance Info Finland organises one of the three dance encounters taking place within the project. KeðjaMariehamn takes place August 6-9 2014 on the self governing Åland Islands situated between Sweden and Finland. KeðjaMariehamn is organised in an area where contemporary dance activities are few. The location is deliberativ... Read More »

keðja Think Tanks

As a part of the Nordic-Baltic collaboration project keðja 2012–2015, Dance Info Finland organises two Think Tanks. Think Tank 1: Sustainable strategies for the Nordic-Baltic dance field What can sustainability mean in contemporary dance? How do we want to define sustainability? Inadequate funding schemes, short-term solutions, short-lived productions – how should the dance field be developed... Read More »

Staff Exchange Program

ENICPA has a budget for an exchange program. Staff of the member organizations of the network can make use of this by simply writing an e-mail to the board stating which staff member of which organization wants to make use of the program with a short motivation. After the visit the person applying for the program writes a short report to the board. The goals of the program are: Exchange of informa... Read More »

Virtual Study

Virtual Study represents the culmination of the Theatre Institute’s prior work in the area of digitising and establishing databases of its collections. Virtual Study is founded on two large databases—the Verbis database by the KP-SYS company (used by the Library and Bibliography Department) and the Divadlo database developed for the Information and Documents Department (theatre productions... Read More »

DanceVideoNavigator In 2006 this cooperative project was initiated by ENICPA (European Network of Information Centers for the Performing Arts). The concept for this project was originally drafted by Michael Freundt. The RSS solution is a proposal from Luciano Brogi, developed by Andrea Marinucci Foa, realized for ENICPA by IALS (Istituto Addestramento Lavoratori dello Spettacolo) The... Read More »

Who’s who in the Flemish performing arts

Who’s who shows a network of people and organisations based on data collected by the Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts (VTi). The connections visualised in this website are the consequence of productions in which they co-appeared. Only functions that can be defined as ‘artistic’ are taken into account. These graphs don’t pretend to be complete CVs. They are based on... Read More »

Toneelstof: a dynamic online platform for discursive performing arts history

Between 2007 and 2010 a series of four documentary DVDs was published together with a special issue of the Flemish theater magazine Documenta. The concept was to combine newly conducted in-depth interviews and video material from public television. These DVDs, covering the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, offer a valuable insight into recent developments in the Flemish performing arts. Last summer, the V... Read More »

Oral Histories – Documenting the Performing Arts

Our main objective has been to increase knowledge and understanding and to promote the study of history in the Andalusian Performing Arts. In this sense, since the birth of the centre, the audio-visual department has been recording all main events: professional theatre and dance performances, workshops and courses by theatre and dance practitioners, seminars etc. in order to maintain the evolution... Read More »

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