Future projects

ENICPA Application for Creative Europe Programme

ENICPA applied for the Culture Sub-programme Networks within Creative Europe. You can download the documents of the project in the following links:     Read More »

keðjaMariehamn 2014

As a part of the Nordic-Baltic collaboration project keðja 2012–2015, Dance Info Finland organises one of the three dance encounters taking place within the project. KeðjaMariehamn takes place August 6-9 2014 on the self governing Åland Islands situated between Sweden and Finland. KeðjaMariehamn is organised in an area where contemporary dance activities are few. The location is deliberativ... Read More »

Travelogue 2: Future steps

The culture sector, local, regional, national and European policy makers have to find adequate answers to ever-changing practices in transnational cultural exchange: export, import, various forms of cooperation, mobility of people and artworks. Better monitoring and measuring of mobility is crucial and reliable statistics and data collection are key to developing future culture mobility policies, ... Read More »