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Round Table Meeting Berlin (1.-2. Nov.) – Presentations

PRESENTATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS // ROUND TABLE MEETING // BERLIN // 1. – 2. NOVEMBER ati_prague-mobility cdaea_presentation efa_speech-final irish-theatre-institute_artists-supports numeri-danse_presentation packed-brussel_wikimedia performing-arts-hub-norway theatre-institute-bratislava_presentation theatre-info-finland-tinfo-_-presentation Read More »

Round Table Meeting 2016, Berlin 1-2 Nov

This year’s Round Table Meeting will take place in Berlin on the 1st-2nd of November. This time meeting will overlap with a meeting of the On-the-Move association. Once more the meeting will facilitate the exchange about our members’ projects and current developments. Please find in the programme the following topics for expert input and discussions: Recent projects and developments wi... Read More »

PUBLICATION: German and Norwegian theatre.

THE OTHER EYE Germany versus Norway: interchanging theatrical strategies Germany and Norway are countries with a long common history on many levels. If we look at these two countries’ history and traditions of theatre: What are the interactions, the common fields and differences? What are the roles of the director, actor and playwright in the aesthetically process? How does the education sys... Read More »

Videodocumentation of the round table meeting in Brussels 2014

enicpa2015_video_small 13th-14th of November 2014 ENICPA arranged¬†their yearly round table meeting. The host this year was Contredanse in Brussels, Belgium. Follow the link to watch the video from the round table. Read More »