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Lola Vargas-Zúñiga, member of the Spanish Academy of the Performing Arts

The Director of the Centro de Documentación de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía, Lola Vargas-Zuñ... Read More »

Activities in 2015:

Report Round Table Meeting 2015. Helsinki March 21, 2012 it’s probably a lot easier https://wr... Read More »

Book funds

  http://theatre.axonpro.sk/wwwisis/kni.htm → The microsoft partners in learning 2012 us foru... Read More »

Oral Histories – Documenting the Performing Arts

Our main objective has been to increase knowledge and understanding and to promote the study of hist... Read More »

Digital Archive of Performing Arts in Andalusia

In this database we are collecting, cataloguing and preserving the documentation that is to be the g... Read More »

Photography Plan

The aim of this plan is similar to the filming project: collecting illustrated feature productions o... Read More »

Filming Plan in Andalusia

The filming plan aims to record all main events such as professional theatre and dance performances,... Read More »


http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/idea/opacidea/abnetcl.cgi?SUBC=3/3103 Last year’s https... Read More »

Directorio de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía

http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/cdaea/php/arDAE.php https://pro-essay-writer.com/ Read More »

Online guide of the Andalusian Theatre and Dance Festivals

http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/cdaea/php/arGOFBuscadorEN.php He and his class put together a... Read More »

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